Sculptural Objects

This body of work is primarily composed of silver and porcelain pieces that fit in the palm of my hand. My process involves transforming found objects from my environment in an effort to preserve them and, in effect, a single moment in time. My goal is to distill these experiences down to their very essence. During the firing process, where the porcelain isvitrified and the silver is sintered, theoriginal decomposingorganic form that had been coated in these materials is destroyed and leaves behind apermanentreminder. While some pieces are sculptural and others adornments, their intimate scale is intended to draw the viewer in to investigate their forms and make personal connections to this idea of fragility and preservation.

Dome 6b.jpg
Dome 5a.jpg
Dome 010c.jpg
Dome 4c.jpg
Dome 8a.jpg
Dome 2b.jpg
Dome 011a.jpg
Dome 3a.jpg
Dome 1a.jpg
Dome 012b.jpg
Dome 9a.jpg
Dome 7a.jpg

Dome 4b.jpg
Marjorie Albano Renno/Silver Magpie Studio 2012 - 2017