Artist Statement

We live in a world where our experiences are increasingly translated through flat screens. We are no longer the translator of our experiences, these screens are. We have become once, in some cases twice and three times, removed from what in the past would have been a basic spatial experience. How do we regain qualitative significance? We begin by remembering that technology is the practical use of human knowledge, it is simply a tool. We determine the complexity of our experience, its qualitative significance, by how we use those tools. I believe that at its very foundation, art communicates the complexity of the human experience. This complexity is rooted in the qualitative significance of physical experiences and the intensive relationships that meaningfully bind us to the world.

My sculptural objects intend to provoke intrigue as viewers are drawn to their small scale, intricate textures and organic forms. Influenced by my environment, this work captures the essence of fleeting moments in everyday places. The work in my Space & Light Series consists of installations that examine the impact of our surroundings. These works invite viewers to share in theparticipatory experience of stepping into brief moments taken from terrain that have shaped me as the boundaries between subject and object are blurred. Finally, in my public projects are art experiences intended to engage the community in their local environment. The goal is to instigate an awareness of the spaces we move through both individually and collectively.

Through subtle promptings, my work asks those who experience it to become more aware of their surroundings, as it serves to highlight the physicality of the world around us and in some cases to consider how we are each connected to the others who also pass through this space. Regardless of the media, the essence of my work is an art of discovery where I attempt to eternalize specific places as they are defined in brief moments. Whether viewing one of my sculptural objects, stepping into one of my installations or participating in one of my public projects,my intentis to provide perspective on our passage through shared space and opportunities for individuals to both reflect on and respond to their past experiences.

Marjorie Albano Renno/Silver Magpie Studio 2012 - 2020